Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Perfect NY Weekend

My darling friend Jessie was in town for just a few days last weekend for a conference (women in comedy, late night writers workshop, is that not the coolest ever??) and she is always so much fun, I was very happy she had time to hang with me.
We had such a quintessentially perfect NYC weekend, including but not limited to:
Friday night at a rooftop hotel bar,

a quick twirl through Lincoln Center,

a thorough exploration of Central Park,

cheesecake + espresso + gossip at a cafĂ© fit for a romcom,

a cheeseball Chinese restaurant that served complimentary boxed wine (thank you??),
 even a battle of wits with a pretentious doorman
after a late-night stroll through Chinatown on our way to meet friends
at some ridiculously elusive bar.
It was this last bit that ended up providing the most excitement -
though we wouldn't discover until later just how amazingly lucky the experience actually was....

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