Saturday, May 2, 2015

1,716 Weeks Old!

33 years. Whew. That's like serious adult status. 32 still sounds kind of young and cutesy. 33? You better have your shiz together and be investing in a 401k. Lucky for me, I've been catapulted into adulthood over the past six months (if there was ever any doubt) with this whole mom business! And even luckier, these are the faces I get to wake up to...

Life is good.

My boys are seriously fun. Here's a little of what we did today:

Opened some lovely gifts. Graham helped!

Early morning Central Park stroll.

Breakfast at the Plaza.

Graham has two daddies! (Saw our friend John, visiting from LA.)

A ponderer pondering at the pond.

Frozen yogurt for some, naps for others.

Picnic in the park with S, T (happy bday tomorrow!) and P.

What a happy day. Thank you for your cards, texts, emails, fb notes, phone calls and terrible singing. 
I feel so very loved.

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