Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Office Nursery

Usually I think Rachel Zoe is kind of a weirdo, but this is so lovely. What a wonderful support system.

We are really lucky we've found a happy childcare situation. Graham absolutely adores going to Jelly Bean - so much so that I secretly kind of wish he missed us more (hello! I'm lamenting around miserable all day without you, kid! Stop enjoying yourself so much!). We've noticed recently that he starts to grin and kick his legs in excitement as we approach the steps to the entrance each morning. The shouts of "Grahammy Graham! Grahammy Graham!" when the door opens are so heartwarming. If I can't be with him all day, I'm glad he's somewhere safe and happy.

Last Friday they had a double birthday celebration for the May babies and when I arrived to pick him up, all the kids were sitting outside on the steps holding balloons and singing. It was an angelic scene. Graham was just staring around wide-eyed, taking it all in and busting into a grin whenever he caught someone's eye.

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