Monday, May 4, 2015

25 Weeks Old

Well hello there, Mr. Happypants! This dapper little chap is about as cheerful as they come and has always got a grin for his delighted parents, he seems to be smiling the whole day through. Even in subpar situations.

Case in point:

So what's been going on this past week?

Legs are getting ridiculously strong. Like super baby strong. Too strong. He loves to "stand" and can do so (for a few seconds) without us supporting his torso, just holding onto our hands for balance. He seems much more interested in standing than crawling (tummy time is no longer a battle, though he certainly doesn't love it), but as his dad likes to say, "you gotta crawl before you can ball, kid." True story.

So. Much. Chewing.


Anything and everything he can get his hands on. Gnaw, gnaw, gnaw.

Tried our first water out of the cup this week...

can't decide if we like it or not.

He's happiest first thing in the morning, waking up briiiiight and early ready to play. But he's been sleeping slightly better the past few nights (knock on wood) and has taken two hour naps the past few days! Progress!

Several doctor visits coming up this week and next, very eager to see how much this wiggly watermelon weighs. After walking the length of Manhattan with him in tow, we are convinced it's at least  50  20 pounds.

Heavy or not, that face! Oh how it tugs at my heart.

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