Saturday, May 30, 2015

A Visit from Grampa Chris

When Dave's dad came to visit us over Memorial Day, he & G were attached at the hip the entire weekend! Instant buddies. It was fun to see them play together and really get to know one another, interacting so much more than Grampa C's last visit when G was only a few weeks old. Sunday morning the boys all got up super early (technically, G never went to sleep the entire night, thanks teething!) and headed to Central Park for some tennis and I GOT TO SLEEP IN UNTIL 9! It was amazing. Grampa was a very competent babysitter, walking Graham all around the park while Dave and Spe battled it out on the court, even wore G in the carrier for the majority of the afternoon! And I felt as light as air walking around town without a kid strapped to my chest.


Later we met Sophie and Theo for brunch, followed by running shoe shopping. Not my favorite type of shoe shopping, but I'll take any kind that I can get. Dave ran on the treadmill in the store so he could be properly fitted for shoes. It was pretty exciting. Seriously. I'd never seen anyone get foot-evaluated before, it was incredibly interesting.


P.S. When did running shoes get so hideous? What happened to plain white? I am old.

After a long walk all over town while G was napping in the carrier (sleeping babe = walk continues) we headed to our backyard park for the swings, a daily requisite now. Check out that concentration. You will be happy to know that he eventually did reach that S ring, and no fingers were pinched in the process.

Weirdly, this is the first picture where I've immediately thought "oh wow he looks like me."


Must be the scrunchy face?

Thanks for coming to visit, Grampa Chris! And thank you for all of the adorable vintage outfits.
Can't wait to see you again in July!

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