Sunday, May 3, 2015

That Time We Walked the Length of Manhattan

Just over a year ago (pre-Graham-O!), we got a bee in our bonnet to walk the length of Manhattan. I'd read somewhere that Broadway is the only street in Manhattan that runs the length of the entire island so it's a natural route should you wish to walk from top to bottom and dismissively thought "oh that would be cool" and then one Friday night we looked at each other and said randomly, "wanna do it tomorrow?" It was totally spur of the moment (spur of the night before?), which made the adventure all that much more exciting! As part of the birthday weekend extravaganza, we are planning to do the same walk again today (this time with a 20 lb papoose and fully loaded stroller in tow!), so wanted to make sure this post made it online before we go again for the second time. That way we'll be able to compare the adventure as a twosome with that as a threesome!

Bulked up with some oatmeal, tied on our comfiest walking shoes,
then hopped on the cross-town bus to catch the subway up to the Bronx.

Launch pt: 225th Street, Broadway Bridge
Destination: Battery Park
Distance: 13.3 miles
ETA: pursuant to snack stops
Chance of Aborting at 59th St: 38%

First neighborhood we encountered was Washington Heights, which was full of hills and rocky slopes right alongside the streets. We strolled through Fort Tryon Park (home of the Cloisters, a branch of the Met which houses medieval art), stopped to see the Dyckman Farm House (a strange little Dutch Colonial home, fully restored to it's 1784 glory), and looked curiously into the windows of the United Palace (a former theater now used as a church and live music venue). So many sights checked off and we were barely 30 minutes in!

At 165th Street we happened upon Carrot Top Pastries, advertising itself as the home of "The Queen of Carrot Cake" and claiming to have invented the veggie cake, or at least perfected it and started the craze. Whether any of that were true or not, how could we not stop? I LOVE CARROT CAKE. And this place did not disappoint - not only was the cake insanely delicious, but it was only 3 bucks a slice. THREE BUCKS A SLICE!! That's the cheapest thing in all of Manhattan.


After a quick break, refueled and coffee in hand, we hit the road again. The closer we got to Columbia University (120th Street) the nicer the neighborhood got, with cute shops and restaurants and lots of smart looking folks walking adorable dogs around. Suddenly we found ourselves square in front of an undeniably recognizable corner at 112th. (Tom's) Restaurant! Would've stopped for a big salad, but no room at the inn.

Stopped instead at Metro Diner for lunch, somewhere around 98th Street. Was feeling good when we sat down, but after sitting still a while started to feel tired. Solution: sling down a diet coke and get back to it!

Ventured off Broadway a bit and headed over to Riverside Park to walk along the water.
Pretty views of the water and along the streets looking back east.

Veered back eastward around 42nd Street to cruise through Times Square.

A quick stopoff at Mood (Fashion District, somewhere in the 30s) of Project Runway fame. 
"Thank you Mood!" Alas, no Tim Gunn sighting.

It started to get dark as we got nearer to downtown. Must. Hurry.

So we snapped some sunset shots (Hi NJ!) and kept cruisin'.

Century 21 - like a beacon in the night (literally), but no time to shop!

Trinity Church, almost there...

Proudly standing in front of the "lowest" address on Manhattan = 1 Broadway.
Finally, after 6 hours and 15 minutes, WE MADE IT!!!

 Now let's go get some pizza.

And this is all I was able to do the entire next day.


Any guesses as to how far we'll get this year with G along for the ride?? Stay tuned...

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