Friday, May 22, 2015



Oh my goodness, another Friday is upon us and once again I haven't posted anything since Monday. Sheesh. I am so ready to not be so BUSY. I can't stand busy-just-for-busy's sake and that's what this week has felt like. Frantically spinning in the hamster wheel with no specific goal in sight. Ready to just take a few days to slow down and sit in the park and not even look at a computer. Except for blogging purposes of course.

Dave's dad is coming to visit tomorrow. Looking forward to some warm weather, sitting on the terrace and seeing the shock on Grampa Chris' face when he sees what a different baby Graham is since the last time he squeezed him. So much more to squeeze now, but also more difficult to keep hold of!

What the heck size diapers are those? Negative 2??

P.S. wearing black and orange all weekend to celebrate this week's SWEEP!!

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