Monday, June 10, 2013

Loads of Fun

Pretty boring subject, even worse pun - I know, I'm sorry.  But bear with me - learning just how seemingly mundane how house-hold chores are different in this city has been really interesting to me.  Sure, I was well-aware of how the big ticket items would be different - the commute, apartment hunting, not having a car, etc.  But the surprising little every day occurrences that constantly blow my mind are funny because they aren't differences I even considered pre-move, despite the fact that they affect my life, well, every single day.
Anyway, we lucked out in a ton of different ways with our building, one of which is the incredibly nice laundry room.  I've lived several places that had filthy laundry rooms, so I'm incredibly grateful for this new space.  The place Kady and I shared in WeHo had a single machine in a tiny, disgusting little basement room that would regularly flood and people would forget weird things (like underwear!) in there for months.  It felt like my clothes were actually dirtier after having been washed there.  Our new laundry room is quite the opposite - tons of machines, pretty little waiting room with lots of light, you can even check machine availability online before schlepping your dirty clothes downstairs. 
There are tons of these courtesy carts floating around,
and they totally remind me of the scene from Friends where Rachel learns to do laundry.

I really wanted to jump in one and take a picture.
Lack of photo here shows just how that suggestion went down.

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