Monday, June 24, 2013

Corner Bakery

Puh-lease, not the chain Corner Bakery. *scoff*  THIS is the bakery on the actual corner next to my apartment.

How stinking cute is this place? I'd visit this jazzy little joint every morning if my pocketbook (and wasteband) allowed it. The chocolate croissants and cheesecake (my two favorite indulgences) are both fantastic, they also have decent coffee and self-serve fro-yo, and you can see right back into the kitchen workshop, which I love.

 Little girl with the yellow bow and matching sweater set - you are my fashion idol.

I think my very favorite part about this happy little spot (besides the fact that they stole the decor straight out of my Meg-in-Wonderland-Chitty-Chitty-Sound-of-Hairspray dreamworld) is walking by it at night.  The smells coming from the bakery in the evening are heavenly. And it's fun to see all the bakers dressed in white, bustling around getting things ready for deliveries the following morning.  I imagine they're singing their little hearts out in there.  I mean, doesn't everyone, while baking??  Toot SWEETS!

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