Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Cupping Room Cafe

We discovered the most delightful cafe while walking around SoHo last weekend. It was a tiny little hole in the wall place, with an adorable front nook that the waitress pointed us toward with a wink, "great people watching!"

She was right, we had an awesome view of the street through the open-air windows and were thoroughly entertained throughout lunch. It was such a cozy, happy this cafe. They were serving only off of the brunch menu (which I usually can't stand, because restaurants looove jacking up the price just because it's Sunday morning and I'm not the hugest fan of breakfast anyway), but this menu was actually both reasonably priced and had lunch items - score! I even indulged in a Bloody Mary. It came with a very odd array of toppings, including pickled fennel. Super weird. But tasty.

Dave got an apple sausage omelet (and a side of bacon, natch), while I got a club sandwich that came on a delicious sweet onion roll (and they didn't mess up by adding avocado to without warning me). Yummm. 

Since the window was wide open, passerbys who would stop to look at the menu posted outside kept ending up talking to us, it was really funny. One gal saw us snapping pictures and offered to take a photo of us together.  For a fleeting second, as DVC passed her his nice camera, I pictured her jetting down the street with it as soon as he turned his back and climbed the stairs up into the restaurant. Would have made an amazing story, 'cause you know DVC would have chased her across all of Manhattan, but she was a lovely woman who did nothing more than what she offered.  Thanks lady (and I'm sorry for doubting you)!

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