Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bryant Park By Night

A few nights ago, on my way home from the best show ever, I happened to pass by Bryant Park at about midnight and was surprised to discover that it was completely lit up and full of people.  It was a really warm evening, still about 75 out, and people were lounging around in t-shirts and shorts, doing everything from eating late dinners to playing board games.  The park was so well-lit that quite a few individuals were even reading!  It was such a pleasant scene to happen upon.  And so vastly different from anything I've ever experienced in Los Angeles.

The Bryan Park Cafe, a twinkly outdoor patio tucked up against the back of the library, was also packed and brimming with life. I know that people generally stay up / go out later in New York City than in other metropolitan areas, but I was still surprised to see how many people were sitting outside in this type of area.  A city park!  New Yorkers are fanatic about their greenspace, and it's neat to see that appreciation in action.

The view of the Empire State Building from Bryant Park is stunning.  DVC doesn't know it yet, but if it's warm again this weekend we'll definitely be heading over to the park on Saturday evening with a deck of cards and some late night treats (New York cheesecake, here I come!).


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