Tuesday, June 18, 2013

An Evening with Nicole

First visitor to our new place has come and gone! My friend Nicole was in town from LA over the weekend and we spent Saturday evening wandering about Central Park, sipping cocktails, attempting ambitious jumping photos (unsuccessful) and tasting the most famous burgers in New York.  Looking forward to a steady stream of visits over the next few months!

 Walked from our apt over to the park, then strolled south along 5th Avenue.

 Stopped for a hotdog and hangout at The Met.  I spy a DVC.

Drinks and people watching at the Boathouse.

Passed by Conservatory Water, home of the model sailboats.
 No jump pic. Boo.

And a quick stop at the In'n'Out of the east... 
Shake Shack

 The Met lit up all pretty at the end of our walk home.

Thanks for a fun visit, Nicole!

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