Saturday, June 1, 2013

New Digs

Up bright and early this morning to scoot on up to our new place on the Upper East Side. So very excited to finally settle into a permanent spot we can make our own. Several treacherous trips up and down the very narrow stairs of our sublet were required to get all of our junk out onto the sidewalk, but then we squished it all into a cab rather quickly (though I had serious doubts). They had the keys ready and waiting for us when we rolled up to the new building and by 8am we were eating bagels in our new home!

How did we manage to take all this junk on the plane?

We've got the keys!! Let's head inside. 

Hip hip hooray!

Bagels for breakfast while waiting for the cable guy. 

Killer view, man

Brand new mattress here waiting for us, delivered yesterday!

Getting to know our handyman, Rogers.
Yes, with an S.

First things first.
No cups in the house, but we need ice cubes.

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