Thursday, December 12, 2013

A History of DVC

The Village of Cazenovia, where Dave grew up, is an absurdly adorable town.  It looks like the set of a sappy holiday movie - silver bells hung from street lamps, boughs of holly strung up in every window, charming shops and cozy cafes. The quaint buildings looking especially gorgeous with a fresh blanket of snow.

This being my first visit to his hometown, it was fun to earn a little bit more about my darling husband-to-be and finally flesh out all these stories previously told about his childhood. Every drive we took through town was peppered with enthusiastic chirps of "there's Mark's house" or "here's the inn where I washed dishes" or "John's grandma used to live on that corner" or "here's the street I lived on 'til I was 12."  So many delectable tidbits.

Cruised by teenage DVC's old stomping grounds - doesn't Caz High look like a school from a movie??

The adorable main drag is just a few blocks long and leads directly to Cazenovia Lake, which freezes solid each winter. Apparently you can gauge just how close to completely frozen over it is by how near the center the icefishermen are camped! The whole area looked very similar to Green Lake, where my grandma Pat lived in Wisconsin.


I loved driving on all the country roads throughout the surrounding area. The homes are absolutely beautiful.  
Over the course of the weekend we had several conversations about how nice it is to be from communities that are quite easy to be enthusiastically fond of and hold onto a bright nostalgia for. We hope to someday settle down in a place that our children will feel a similar fondness for and love coming home to.

On the road between the center of town and Laurie's house on the outskirts of Caz is a beautiful little cemetery perched atop a hill.  We drove past it multiple times on different days and finally stopped one day to explore.  It was so cold that moisture had frozen on all of the tree branches, giving them a magical twinkling appearance.


Nice to meet you Caz. I've surely been charmed and will gladly return!

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  1. that cemetery is totes creepy int eh supper when the mist collects around the exterior. I can't believe you didn't mention the cider at the Brae Loch!


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