Monday, December 9, 2013


I love me some grocery shopping. I love grocery stores, grocery lists, slowly pushing grocery carts while comparing facts on the back of cracker boxes (yes, I usually go alone). So when multiple people raved about Wegmans, I was intrigued.  It seemed a funny thing for people to rave about. But every time someone heard we were headed to the Syracuse area over Thanksgiving, their first comment was always "ooh you HAVE to go to Wegmans!" 


The hype was right on. This place was bomb. Thoughtfully organized and impeccably clean. Even my Dad had heard of Wegmans, since apparently they buy direct from Bejo and have a lovely carpeted produce section. The area we saw wasn't carpeted, but it was certainly lovely.


Quite a few survivors. Maybe next year, guys!

Who doesn't need a Syracuse Santa hat?


See you next time!


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