Thursday, December 5, 2013


My three favorite Brian Dunn memories:

When I turned 16, my cousin's still-newish husband wrote in my birthday card "I have known you for 1/4 of your life" and it absolutely boggled my mind.  Having met when I was twelve, it was pretty straightforward math, but for some reason I was completed astounded by that nugget of information. To this day, I think of that sweet note and silly stat on my birthday every single year (and always try to figure out our current ratio).

Going to Costa Rica with the fam several summers ago turned out to be an opportunity to really get to know him better than I ever had before, despite already having been family for over a decade. Then afterwards, I remember Lisa telling me that Brian had referred to my sister and me as "his" cousins and thinking HECK YEAH!!!

Still makes me giggle to hear Leigh tell the story - one Easter, Lisa sent out an epic saga marathon email that kept referring to "Bri" throughout, but Leigh read it as "Bree" and got VERY UPSET because she had no idea who this new Bree person was that Lisa was going on and on about, and HOW DARE they not consult her if they were going to hire a new nanny! 

(Alright, technically that's not really a Brian memory so how about....PUTTING A RING ON IT?)

Happy birthday to the man who is heartwarmingly enthusiast, the perfect amount of cheeseball, and really helped up the overall athleticism in our family. Love you Bree Bri, lineage or not!

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