Wednesday, December 18, 2013

More Cazenovia!

You didn't think that was all my pictures from our visit to Caz, did you???

So many beautiful roads. I couldn't get over all the snowy, tree lined country roads.  Dazzling.

And the ice covered trees! So glittery and magical in the late afternoon sunlight.

Saw my first REAL Flying V while walking through Cazenovia the day after Thanksgiving.

Then spent a quiet morning catching up on small town news at the local coffee shop, Common Grounds.


Gorgeous sunset, yes, but those icicles!!  I found their abundance fascinating.

You can't tell from the photo, but this waterbottle is frozen solid. Because I left it in the car overnight.

Second Thanksgiving at Chris' place meant we were spoiled spoiled spoiled and full full full.


And what's a family dinner without some good, old fashioned spelunking?

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