Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Beautiful JL Morning

One of the really important things we did this week was gather to say farewell to a very beloved member of the June Lake History. Uncle Dave was a very special part of so many of our lives, biological uncle or otherwise, so we honored him in the best way we knew how - friends and family alike gathered on boats early in the morning in the middle of the lake to lay him to rest in one of his favorite spots.  Memories of UD will be with us always, most especially in this place.


It was a perfect, simple homage. Jeff said a few words and Doug placed his uncle gingerly in the lake.

We had a few moments of silence, just floating on the perfectly calm waters of the peaceful morning.

Then we continued to tell tall UD tales throughout the week, as we will for years to come.

UD lives on. We love you and we thank you for your friendship.

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