Monday, August 19, 2013


After exploring every nook and cranny of the High Line and then wandering through the adorable west village for a bit, we were famished and ready for a burger and diet coke (the elixir of life). It was bloody hot outside, so we were also in dire need of an air-conditioned respite. Thankfully, DVC had an old favorite in mind.

Daddy-O did just the trick. And they had TATER TOTS instead of fries. Double bonus!

DVC had to head home after lunch (the work of an e-discovery analyst never stops!), so Mom and I headed off on our second adventure of the day.  Quick stop in SoHo, cuz we fancy yo. Then all the way dowwwntowwwn!

Battery Park: southernmost tip of Manhattan and prime Lady Liberty viewing spot. Unfortunately, it's also a little gross and a lot crowded (I'm sure it's difficult to keep clean with all those people streaming through daily, but come on a little landscaping effort wouldn't hurt). We gave her a little wave (there she is! alright, what's next?), then immediately bounced.  Working our way north, we found this pretty little nugget smack dab in the middle of the skyscraper.  Super cool when older buildings have been maintained yet modern structures rise around them.

Approaching Wall Street! Perfectly content to peer at the bull from across the street, didn't feel it necessary to get up close and personal.  (What's with people loving the bum shots? There always seem to be people crouched at the back end, getting their picture taken with the balls. Weirdos.)

Trinity Church is smack dab right in the middle of downtown. Another cool example of that juxtaposition I love: old buildings and pretty little greenspaces intermixed with ultramodern, super fancy business parks. *love*

As we walk up, my mom says super casually, "Oh Trinity? I think Alexander Hamilton is buried here."  
Sure, Mom, like you just know that off the top of your head. 

But good ol' Google revealed it to be true!! 
Once an eighth grade history teacher, always an eighth grade history teacher...

Another historical tidbit? "He was kind of a jerk." Good to know.

Last stop before heading home for the evening? Quick peek at ground zero and the nearly-finished Freedom Tower. The light and clouds were spectacular as we circled the block.


And, of course, no visit downtown is complete without at least popping in to Century 21. I mean, it would be irresponsible not to at least check to see if there's anything on the designer clearance rack we can't live without. Alas, no Dior this time around. But just as exciting - comfy new sports bras and socks!

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  1. thank you for not mentioning that I got us lost on the way to Daddy-Os


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