Monday, August 12, 2013

Hike to the Falls

Big group hike up to the waterfall with the jumping pool in the middle of the week. This specific hike is usually one of my cousin Donnie's favorite JL activities, but he was unfortunately missing, having had to run back to Fresno for a bit.  Brian and Leigh had hiked to the falls before, but none of the rest of us (10 in total!) ever had, so it was quite an adventure.

Passing Carson Peak on our way to Silver Lake.



Starting to rise up above Silver Lake, pre-sunburn and switchbacks, still feeling chipper...


I made the mistake of participating in Jody's bootcamp workout earlier that same morning, so my quads were burning and my poor calves were shaking the entire way up. Felt like my legs were going to fall right off before we reached the top. Leigh was a good sister and stuck by me, making sure I trudged along slowly but surely, and we all eventually made it.


Pretty view of the lake from about halfway up.

We made it to Agnew Lake!

Had to stop and let some traffic pass. Denise knew the cowboys. Go figure.

From Agnew Lake, the half the group continued on to Gem Lake, another mile or two on the same trail. There was some shuffling of gear and water bottles while we decided who would continue forward and who would start back, making sure both groups had access to one of the vehicles back in the lot. Five minutes after splitting up, however, the Falls Group realized their car keys were in a backpack with Gem Lake Group, due to a last minute team change. Whoops.


This way guys. Follow me!

Found it!


Kacie, you are a lucky (?) woman.

Brian, Leigh and Denise were the brave ones. Said the water was so cold it took your breath away upon impact.  Jody, Jamie and I were content to watch from the shore and take pictures. Capitano Lilley then proceeded to lead us on an insane off-track route home...


...which pretty much felt like we were climbing down the face of Carson Peak.


"Wouldn't this be a terrible time for an earthquake?"
Yeah, thanks for that. I'll just mull that over the whole way down.

Safely back at the trailhead! Now can somebody radio basecamp so we can get a ride home?!

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