Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New neighbors

DVC's sister Sophia recently moved to NYC as well and found a place just a few blocks from us! 

CPC (Dave's dad) drove her down from Cazenova to help her move in. 
Whirlwind trip - down and back in less than 24 hours!

So now we get to see Soph and pretty Miss Penelope Lucinda Dogchild, 
the sweetest cow dog who ever did live, a whole lot more often.

Sure you can come stay with us! But good luck sleeping on the couch today, missy.
Of course, I probably left the door to the bedroom open, so you'll just sleep on our bed.

Best part about night walks?

The divine smells coming from Corner Bakery.
 This place smells incredible at night. I always peer in the windows like a total creeper. 
Hey guys! Got any free samples in there?

 Spending the morning with my gal Penny.

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