Thursday, August 22, 2013

Putzing Around Midtown

Mom's last full day in New York and I had to work. Boo. 
But she came to visit me at the office! That was fun.

Doesn't she look like a local?

After showing her around my work digs, we picked up some food from my favorite little deli around the corner and headed over to Rockefeller Plaza. It's a fun place to sit and eat and watch the tourists taking silly pictures.


Later in the day,
we had a quick dinner at yet another deli, before heading over to the gym for my Monday night volleyball game.

Nope, we never tire of sampling pastrami, thankyouverymuch!

Also had to try their black & white cookies, because you never know when you're going to discover the perfect cookie!

Verdict: pastrami was lean and dee-lish, the pickles were excellent, but the b&w's are way better at the little corner bakery near my apartment.

The great cookie search continues...

now off to the game!


I was really excited that my mom was able to catch one of my volleyball games, since neither of my parents have seen me play in quite some time. I've missed playing and was stoked to find a team that I love. We rarely have fans come to watch, so it was a nice treat to have a small but mighty cheering section!

Thanks for coming to visit madre. It was really nice to have you here.


  1. I had the best tour guides ever, that showed me the secret places of NYC. I hope I am invited back and plan to do more of the same, just meandering. "You look like winners"

  2. What were the results of the game? Did you win? Im in suspense...


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