Thursday, August 15, 2013

Until next year, Lake o' June

It was an epic return to our beloved lake this year. All the old favorites made appearances, along with some adorable new faces who brought a brand new energy to Lake Front. We happily continued old traditions as well as built new ones, and we are all excited for the years to come, even if we don't make it up the hill every single summer.  And what, exactly, did we do all week, might you ask?? So much!

Jody ran an early morning bootcamp. It was insanely hard, but she was a stellar trainer!

Papa K moved an arm chair out on the balcony (like you do)
...and forgot it there overnight.

Several trips were made to the Tiger Bar, but no Byron sightings.

Bob Black!
'nuf said.   

Keegan learned to walk!
               Just kidding.

Denise rebelled against the unflattering adjectives used by The Committee to distinguish between Denises.

We made one last trek to Gull...

Gawwwwd maaaaan, what else???

We even experienced a lovely little Eastern Sierra thunderstorm. Which, as Mr. Bishop will tell you, there's simply "nothing like it."  
Until next time... 

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