Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cribbage and Crowdsurfing

Cribbage and crowdsurfing. Two of our favorite JL passtimes. Playing cards and groping one another.
Pretty much everything between those two activities is just sitting around and eating.

The dads played a little less pinocle this year, in favor of dice games,

while Keegs added a new level of entertainment to the "sitting around" portion of the trip.

At dusk begins the nightly ritual...
First, we scarf.

Then, we surf.

After nightfall, it's time to lay back on the cold wet grass and  poke   pinch  pass some kids along overhead.
It's weird. We know. We love it.

On any given evening, you might find the Lake Front crew engaged in this odd bonding activity.
We welcome curious newcomers, but be warned: surf at your own risk. This is a highly intimate affair.

 Fuzzy iphone pics by moi. Clear fancy camera shots by Billy Willy Lilley. Thanks BWL!


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