Friday, July 5, 2013

Wir fliegen!

Vacation time woot woot!  We were lucky enough to jet off to Munich for 10 days (with a mid-week popover to Italy, no bigs) to visit meine kleine Schwester.  Most highly anticipated??  Devouring embarrassing amounts of schnitzel.  Und bier.  Und butterbrezen.  Und weisswurst.  Let the eating tour of Europe begin!

Arrived at the airport nearly 3 hrs before our flight. 

Good thing we discovered the Fun Zone.  

Guilty pleasure gifts, as requested.

6'4" vs. 5'4"

Getting comfy. 

Here we goooooo!!!

Layover snack in Dusseldorf. Yummm.

Delirious after so much travel. 

Last leg to Munich, beautiful Bavaria!

FINALLY hier sind wir!!


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