Thursday, July 25, 2013

Torre pendente di Pisa


So there's this tower in Pisa. It leans a lil' bit.
A few years back they made it lean a little less, so it wouldn't lean it's way right over.
It's still leaning, just a little more securely now. The end.

The grounds where the tower is located are rather beautiful. And fairly clean, considering how many people pour through each year to take a silly picture of themselves holding the tower up.  It's a good thing Pisa still has the famous ol' leaner, cuz there isn't much else to see in this town.  Driving through the city on our way to the tower, it kind of looked like east LA.

The Italian government is considering installing a clock in the Leaning Tower of Pisa. 
The reason? What good is it to have the inclination if you don't have the time?

How many Pisa puns can we fit into one post?  
Ready, set, go!
 The Tuculets are a tower of strength.

What makes the tower lean? It never eats!

Lean on me.                                                          Once more, with feel-lean!

The Stephensons in a state of incline.

Stay-a away-a from my-a pizza!!

Sorry, I'm done. All finished groaning?
OK, then cue... 
Parental Glamour Photo Shoot!  Totes adorbs!


Pretty cool:  Leaning Tower Illusion
When a pair of identical images of a receding object are placed side-by-side, 
that on the right hand side appears to lean more!
The name is a pun in and of itself!! *mind boggled*

Sorry, I know I said no more puns.
But try to be leanient!!
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