Sunday, July 14, 2013

Surf & Pizza

There's a small man-made river in Munich called the Eisbach, which runs through a portion of the English Garden and eventually meets up with the Isar. A standing wave is formed near a bridge close to the Haus der Kunst, and is a popular spot for river surfers year round (seriously, even in winter - my parents visited in November of last year when there was snow on the ground and the place was still packed!). The water is very shallow under the wave and the rush is quite forceful, so it's recommended only for experienced surfers. It's a really fun spot to stop and watch the local talent, so I try to pop by every time I'm in Munich.


After watching the surfers for a while, we went to one of Leigh and Daniel's fave dinner spots for a giant pizza. They weren't kidding when they said it was huge - four different sections with any toppings you can think of!

Locked up the bikes (note L+D's fancy matching white ones) 
and went in for a Tegernseer helles. YUM.


We ordered a quadruple.  It was amazing.

Arugula and tomato was the clear winner, we nearly ordered another of just that to take with us.
Quick bike ride home, then retired early with very full bellies, ready for Italy in the morning!

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