Sunday, July 28, 2013

Munich X-Games

Had one last day in Munich with my sister with nothing planned but hanging out, so we took a long walk to the Olympic Grounds to check out both the Munich X-Games and the Tollwood festival.  Kept an eye out for my colleagues and our clients, but there was way too large of a crowd to find anybody I knew.  So we just watched all the little groms testing out skim boards and mini bikes and all sorts of weird new "must have" products.

Germany has hundreds of annual festivals throughout the year, it seems like there's a new one to hit every single weekend. Tollwood is kind of a mini Oktoberfest, but more focused on music than beer, held in a large meadow on the edge of the Olympic Park. It kind of reminds me of the Santa Maria Fair, minus the rides.



Thanks for letting us crash with you Leafers and Dabo!

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