Saturday, July 13, 2013

BMW Welt

The World of BMW is a located just inside the Olympiapark grounds and it houses exactly what you would expect. It has a giant showroom outside the main museum, which is fun because you can sit in and test out the feel of nearly every vehicle BMW makes. It's also free, which means all of the necessary photo ops can be scooped up without ever actually paying to go inside the museum.

BMW World is always cool to explore, but my appreciation this time around was enhanced by our desperate need for a warm, dry place to recover from the freakishly strong rainstorm we had just survived.  Our bike ride there had been sunny and pleasant, but about 5 minutes away from the final destination a storm broke out so suddenly that we had no time to get to cover.  So heavy was the rain that it soaked us to the skin before we made it to the nearest tree grove.  Total lack of rain gear didn't help our case.  But strong coffee at Cafe BMW definitely lifted our spirits (and re-energized us enough to test out every vehicle in the entire place).


DVC's favorite photo ever taken.


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