Sunday, May 12, 2013

First Day Food

As promised, the menu for our first day in the city was strictly limited to "typical New York eats."  DVC was a sweetheart and obliged my insistence we stick to this rule (though it really didn't take much convincing).  Very first stop after dropping off our luggage and heading out into the world to explore was the bagel shop on the corner. Amaze. For the gentleman: triple-toasted sesame bagel with veggie cream cheese. For the lady: plain bagel regularly toasted with plain cream cheese (plain m-n-m's and proud, mom!).  The girl right after us ordered a bialy and I was intrigued - I'll be ordering this smaller bagel cousin next time we pop in.

Meal number one: so far, so good.

There was a solid 4 hour hibernation-level napping period before lunch, so when we awoke we were famished and ready for lunch right away.  Next stop: pizza.  Found a tiny hole-in-the-wall shop that looked like it had promise and the wager paid off.  Two cheese slices for him and a single onion/pepper/sausage slice for me (now who's plain?).  The crust on this pizza was incredibly thing, which I love love love.  Give me more toppings and less bread any day.

Meal number two: all thumbs up.

Met up with DVC's college buddy and his adorable kid, who took us to a great little pub in the late afternoon where we sat outside on the sidewalk and enjoyed the sun (it was almost hot!).  I was informed that a pretzel and beer is "very New York" and this one was cheese-filled, so I was on board pretty quickly.  Seriously, cheese-filled anything?  Sign me up! 

Meal number three: bomb dot com, backslash awesome.

Tomorrow's conquest: delis and hotdogs!!

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