Saturday, May 11, 2013

Last Day in LA

Started out with a lovely breakfast guessed it, Ed's! Nice to spend a little more time with a few faces that will be sorely missed. Thanks for being there guys and making it a happy, silly breakfast rather than a sad one.

Sweetest going away package: entertainment, brownies, batteries.
Cecily = Genius. Thank you times a million.

Since breakfast, I've just been tootling around town running last minute errands - pick up contacts, drop off cable box, yet another goodwill donation run. Poor DVC had a crazy work project pop up YESTERDAY (seriously!? timing you are a fickle friend) so he was at the office 'til 10pm friday night and has been working his butt off all morning.

Perk up, dude! In about 10 hours we'll be winging our way to the east coast!
Gah, I can hardly believe it. Somebody pinch me.

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