Sunday, May 12, 2013

Getting Our Bearings

Landed safe and sound at 7am this morning, but unfortunately did not sleep a WINK on the plane, so our stay-up-all-day-to-get-on-east-coast-time plan was dashed. Groggily arrived at our sublet at about 8am and managed to find ourselves a bagel before crashing for the rest of the morning.  After our quick breakfast, we both immediately fell asleep and slept really hard for about 4 hours. I felt much better after racking some zzz's and was ready to meet the day at noon. First orders of business - explore neighborhood and find pizza.

 New 'hood.

Our sublet is located on the edge of Gramercy Park, an adorable little area of New York. This is the only area in the city to have a truly private green space - a small, immaculately maintained and securely fenced park (which you must have a key to enter!) lies in the center of the neighborhood.  Exclusivity cha cha cha!  We are NOT close enough to the swanky center to get to peek inside.  It's very similar to where our old place was in relation to Beverly Hills - very last street that still counts!

After a quick bite to eat, we hopped on the subway to the Upper East Side to meet DVC's college roommate and his adorable 10 month old son at the park (mom was off duty for the day, getting mani/pedis with other mama friends - Happy Mother's Day!). We hung with the boys all afternoon, exploring their neighborhood, eating at a sidewalk cafĂ© and hanging out at their apartment.  They have a lovely balcony (virtually unheard of) with a gorgeous view of the river, Wards Island, RFK Bridge (which lights up at night) and Queens.

Stayed for dinner with our friends at their favorite neighborhood Italian joint, then spent the remainder of the evening walking around our area, figuring out the lay of the land.  Time caught up with us around 8pm, realized we were wandering around like zombies so headed back to crash out early.  Solid first day! 

Hanging out in Union Square.

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