Sunday, May 5, 2013

Nipas Por Vida

One week out! So glad I was able to cram in a trip up to Nipomo before the big move east. It was superb timing, for several reasons:

- Was able to catch a ride north with a friend also heading home for the weekend, so DVC wasn't stranded in LA without a car.

- Multiple events were planned boom boom boom, which provided the opportunity to see a ton of different people from home over the course of one quick weekend.

- Gorgeous weather. Bonus!

Got in early enough on Friday to head up to Avila for a quick jaunt down the Bob Jones bike trail. Long walk felt fantastic after several hours in the car.  And it was a perfect evening for a walk.  Even at 6pm, it was close to 80 degrees. So warm, in fact, that the pups went for a quick evening swim and were completely dry by the time we got back to the car. Brief stop at the market on the way home, ran into no fewer than FOUR people we knew.
I love small towns.

Guess who got a brand new truck (and is pretty excited about it)???  Took the new wheels for a spin 'round town late Friday night (to Vons, where else?) and spent a good chunk of time programming the radio stations.  Should you happen to inquire about the nifty tailgate drop-down step and (old man, albeit genius) safety rail, you'll be sure to get a very enthusiastic demonstration!

Hosted an intimate brunch on Saturday to say goodbye to a few sweet friends, then wedding dress shopping with my mom in the afternoon! Smart choice, hmm? Brownies then dress fitting??

Thanks for a fun visit Nipomo! I'll be seeing you...

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