Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Movers Day!

Crazy. This is actually happening. We. Are. Moving!

So, we don't actually move ourselves until Saturday evening, but we moved all of our stuff this morning!
Well, somebody came and moved it for us.  These guys, actually:

NorthStar Movers.

Don't want to jump the gun and cause our stuff to end up in Palm Beach instead of NYC as planned, but these guys are amazing.

Scheduled for 8am, waiting outside at 7:45.

Rapid packers.
Super careful.
Really nice.

Of course, we'll need to wait to see if our belongings arrive intact, but I'm pleasantly surprised and pretty pleased with the experience so far.  Only bummer of the morning was a $93.00 parking ticket issued to the moving truck, which we get stuck with. BOO to the City of Beverly Hills and your insane meter maids making constant rounds.

I'll miss you, stuff.  *sniff*  Safe travels!

Big ol' empty apartment.  Perfect for jumping!!


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