Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lunch Date

Met up with DVC for lunch today. What a treat it is to work just a few blocks from one another. Makes meeting up for lunch or coffee or dinner after work a snap. Today we tried out 'Essen Fast Slow Food at Madison and 40th, just a few blocks south of my building. A friend at work had taken me there last week and I loved it, so was eager to return. It's a Whole Foods type gourmet deli with a ton of different options, both a cold salad bar and hot foods bar, made-to-order sandwiches and chopped salads, pasta, pizza, even sushi. Prices ain't bad either, as far as NY lunch food goes (talk about sticker shock).

I got a mix of hot foods (small piece of chicken cordon bleu, roasted veggies and brussel sprout salad YUM) and some salad (pre-mixed caesar, the old standby, plus an asparagus/tomato/mozzarella - great twist on Insalata Caprese), while DVC got a spicy chicken baguette. The second level of the store has space for dining in, but it was pretty full so we decided to walk over to Bryan Park and the library. There are tons of tables and chairs on either side of the entrance to the library, plus tons of people just plop right down on the stairs to enjoy their lunch break. We snagged a table in the shade, since it was rather warm. Table for two, don't mind if we DO!

Happy Wednesday!

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