Saturday, May 11, 2013

Second Guessing

Farewell happy hour tonight with the wonderful people of Wasserman.  I've made a lot of friends here and will be very sad to leave them. Today was my last day in the Los Angeles office, everyone was amazingly kind and it was a bittersweet goodbye - kind of makes me wonder, what the heck am I doing leaving?!

Sweet Michelle. You crack me up and get me like no other. I am so glad we are friends.
Soul sistas totes for life. Obvi.

The unstoppable duo. H + C, I will miss both of you dearly.
You make work (and everywhere else) infinitely more entertaining.

High five farewells all around!!

Ta ta for now, silly boys. 

Darling Peggy. Style inspiration galore.
I will think of you daily when concocting creative outfits in the city.

Thank you to everyone for a wonderful sendoff.
Really touching how many people showed up tonight. You guys are the best.
Stoked to hear how many people have NYC trips coming up!
Goodbye for now, but not for long!

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