Sunday, May 19, 2013

We got an apartment!

A copious amount of time this week was spent apartment hunting, as we have only 2.5 weeks at our sublet and need a place to move into as of June 1st. DVC went and viewed a ton of apartments during the week, while I poured over ads and called brokers in the evenings, each more screwy than the last. After a frustrating week of searching with nothing to show for it, we started to get slightly worried. Friday night we booked back-to-back appointments on the Upper East Side and crossed our fingers. The first was a giant corner unit in a luxury elevator building with a doorman, 24 hr security, full gym, private gardens, cheerful neighborhood, dogs welcome. It was bright and lovely. We adored it immediately, but I was hesitant as it was the first place I'd seen (which I'm sure was annoying to Dave since he'd already seen so many). We pushed on. The second was something straight out of a budget horror movie: microscopic 6th floor walk-up that smelled like the inside of Keith Richards' lung, in a sad building on a creepy street, right next to the off-ramp of the Queensboro Bridge expressway exit. Decidedly less than charming. We discussed it all evening, but both knew walking home that evening that the search was over. Went back to sign at the place we loved the very next morning!

Home sweet (as of June) home.
Expect a change-of-address announcement soon!

Checking out the 'hood. Our future home directly behind DVC,
great little breakfast spot to the left, The Barking Dog, under the yellow awning. 

Our digs to the right. Classy Irish pub (oxymoronic?), The District, across the street to the left. 

View from what will be our bedroom window. 

View of the private park behind the building, accessible only to residents!

I am so, SO excited to have this locked down. Now we can relax and enjoy our time remaining in Gramercy Park. Sampled Indian and Ethiopian this weekend (branching out!). Next on the food tour: a German restaurant named Rolf's. Prost!


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