Thursday, May 2, 2013

Packing Away

Getting closer and closer to "packed" every day! Things are strewn all over the apartment, though, it's tough to locate anything. When attempting to organize, why does the house always turn into a total hurricane before the actual organization kicks in? Packing up your life is sloooow going for a super sentimental individual (nostalgia is my forte)... I end up spending SO much time sifting through long lost collections of treasures, reveling in the delight of rediscovery. Packing tonight was in danger of getting completely sidetracked, trumped by reading old postcards and junior high origami notes and treasured birthday cards from a box hidden under the bed.  Nearly midnight, however, and I've managed to clear the clutter and get the important stuff bound up safely. Progress! 

Quite a pile up.

My nemesis.
Don't forget me!

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