Friday, May 3, 2013

LA Countdown: The Grove

We love walking up to The Grove on weeknights, when it's not super busy like on the weekends. I've said before, The Grove is an interesting cross between a mall and Disneyland, so it can easily get overcrowded, and thus, un-fun. But during the week it's usually quiet in the evenings and really pleasant for wandering around, people watching, sale rack browsing, celebrity sighting, etc...

All aboard!

It was super warm the night of my birthday, so we made the trek over to 3rd and Fairfax (just under two miles from our place - getting used to long walks!) for dinner.  I absolutely love walking around The Farmer's Market attached to The Grove. Dave gets annoyed by the crowds, but I find weaving your way between all of the little booths and vendors and specialty shops to super interesting. A few suggestions: chili cheese tater tots at Fritzi Dog (to die!), chocolate dipped cones at Gill's Old Fashioned Ice Cream, the impressive international cheese selection at Mr. Marcel's, and of course, pie à la mode at Dupar's.

Favorite diner in all of LA. 

Frozen bananas nom nom nom.

Birthday dinner at Morel's French Bistro. 
Steak frites, s'il vous plaît!


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