Friday, May 3, 2013

Thirty One

Geburtstag Geldbaum

My fun coworkers streamered my desk this morning, took me to a lovely lunch and surprised me with a cake and mini ice-cream cones in the afternoon. So, so nice. The kind attention I was shown today was incredibly touching. We've been so busy gearing up for the move that my birthday completely snuck up on me this year. Didn't really realize it was approaching until suddenly it was here. Maybe that's a good way to head in, because I had the nicest day; everyone around me was so thoughtful and generous. Feeling lucky to be surrounded by such caring people.


Fringe-tastic. I think I'll keep it like this always.

One of the things that makes birthdays fun is that such a variety of individuals tend to reach out. Sometimes a person you haven't talked to in years will send along well wishes (facebook providing a daily notice of those celebrating another year on earth makes it all too easy to connect), sandwiched in between greetings from individuals you may speak to on a daily basis. It's entertaining and touching. Perhaps one of the sweetest bits of communication I received all day was from Dave's grandparents:

I'm excited to have sweet grandparents to write to again. :)

Have you visited The Hammer Museum? Art aside, come for the cozy cafe and courtyard. Pleasant place to sit and enjoy a quiet lunch, feels completely separate from the rest of Westwood. It's become my work gang's go-to spot for birthdays. Yes, I have a work gang. Don't mess.

Thank you for such an uplifting day everyone. I had a jolly good time. It's going to be a good year.

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